After a vacation trip through the North West Passage to Alaska, and visiting the native villages of the North West Coast. I became interested in totem poles and legends of the Tribes. Upon arriving home, here in Michigan, I decided to carve a Totem pole. Since we don't have whales, and other natural occurring phenomena of the west coast, it was decided to carve the creatures occurring in our native state.

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My first pole was such a success, that many of my neighbors and friends began pleading for one. After much thought, I decided that it would make a good hobby and be very challenging to say the least, thus it began.

My first poles depicted a variety of figures, with a touch of the friends or neighbors family, or business, much to their satisfaction. Many times with the family name to personalize it. Since the inception of the first semi load of poles it has been increasingly harder to procure them. Thus with the continuing interest and increasing interest. I have found it necessary to change my procedures and material choices.

An alternative choice is also fiberglass. Being stronger, lighter to ship, and more weather resistant than any other wood, plus depicting all the grain and knots of regular wood. You will be amazed!