What is a Totem Pole? Europeans gave the name totemism or "Totem pole" to the poles carved by the Northwest Coast Indian people. Totem and totemism are used by many different people of varying beliefs to depict the relationship between the natural animals, celestial bodies, plants and landscapes and also human groups. The real idea is to show the difference between people, or clans, and animals and how they can be made to intermingle, or change from one to another. Much the same way, a wolf is different from a whale, a person from one clan or tribe will differs from another. To say "I am an Eagle" does not mean that I am a bird, but does mean that I belong to the Eagle clan. The true meaning of the Totem is only known to the carver. He may depict a story, and tell it, but keep the real meaning to himself, thus ensuring himself the job of being the tribe carver......a favorite of the chief!

Totem pole carved for Bruce Bianco of Iron Mt., MI. Pole is 32' tall, 26'' diameter, made of used power pole.